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Are You Dedicating Your Life to Your Child?

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We often ask our children if they are putting 100% effort in life; sports, academics, manners, and their behavior. But my question to you is,...
Are You Dedicating Your Life to Your Child?

"Do you ask yourself if you are putting in 100% on the job, marriage, your faith, character and your all around relationships?"

Today we are living in a society where no one is consistent; meaning parenting, schools, work environments and churches.  What points do we as adults seek help or advice as it relates to raising our children?  We often say that parenting is a cycle that we repeat from generation to generation even when we know in most cases that the cycles we're repeating aren't effective.  Since the world is forever changing then we must too.  So let me ask again, are you dedicating your life to your child?

If the definition of "dedication" means, being committed to a task or purpose; then what is your task or purpose for your child?  It has always been known that a child's behavior is learned behavior.  So at what point do we evaluate our children and see ourselves in them when they do not meet our expectations.  Do you ever ask yourself, why?  If you do, what are the first thoughts that come to mind?  Take a minute and assess your own thoughts and see the part you may play in what's going on in your child's behavior.

We seem to always find fault in others that are involved with our children, like their teachers, coaches, peers, siblings, and any other negative influences they may come in contact with.  So I ask, what is your level of commitment to your child?  If your level of commitment is 100%, then the world's influence cannot penetrate what you have instilled in your child.

My approach is being my child's best friend.  What that means is my children understand that I have their back and will support them, no matter what (good or bad).  I have never allowed my child's behavior to change my character because it's not about me or my image.  It is always about my children and what is really going on at the time.  Therefore, I don't take it personal, but recognize my job is never done as a parent and will always require 100% of my dedication.  This is how I have approached parenting and my goal is to help shift your mindset from yourself to your child's needs.

100% dedication simply means this - being in tune to your child's needs beyond the behavior they are displaying even when it may require you to sacrifice the things you want to do. Often times, the negative behavior is really a cry for help or attention needed from you.  Let's stop brushing our children's feelings to the side, because whenever adult feelings are brushed to the side we consider that to be insensitive, disrespectful and rude.  In the same manner, we as adults are insensitive, disrespectful and rude to our own children when we do the same. 

I leave you with this; if anything in this blog spoke to you, I challenge you to make the necessary adjustments within yourself to become a parent that gives 100% dedication to your child.  The children are crying out for love and attention from us.  Will you be the one to break the cycle?

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