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Mentoring to Build Commitment with the Parent & Student Athlete

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We as coaches need to exhaust all means to finding strategies to get a solid commitment from our parents and student athlete, even when a child is not doing so well in school.
Mentoring to Build Commitment with the Parent & Student Athlete

As coaches a lot of times we over discipline our student athletes, which causes the morale and motivation of the student to decline on and off the field of play; and a lot of cases it becomes a distraction at school.  When the morale of the student athlete is motivated; it causes that same motivation to transfer into their school work and family life.

Example:  My student athletes that come to practice look forward to practicing because of the environment that is created for them to not only have fun, but to learn and feel like they are a part of something bigger.  Discipline to me is not about discouraging the student athletes, but to motivate them even in the midst of them not doing something to my liking.  I am always aware that I am dealing with youth; therefore, I have to allow patience to work in me. 

My Philosophy:  I do not use harsh discipline or profanity as a mechanism of control, because we as coaches should be different from their parents and teachers.  We should be the mentors in their lives that have gain the trust of our student athletes that causes them to want to communicate with us on a regular basis and not be intimidated to have dialogue with their coaches.  As a result of this practice in their lives; we will begin to see more commitment levels and enthusiasms from our parents and student athletes.

As our level of commitment goes up, so will the level of the parent and student athlete go up.

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